[Carolin] Cosima Oel has a serious and reflective attitude to art and she always observes life with deep awareness.

[Carolin] Cosima Oel’s characters emerge from an imaginary world hidden inside her mind without a clear and ordinary way. [...] They are both ephemeral and concrete figures, such as characters coming from a literary tale. They are ironic, and they stare at life without fearing of its grotesque side.


[Carolin] Cosima Oel’s main feature is an elegant and sober gesture. She is always searching for a gap between the dark and the bright side of life.


[Carolin] Cosima Oel’s work of art there is both strength and grace, both sympathy and mystery, both an ephemeral and a material side. She is a sophisticated artist, with a mocking twist.








born 1981 in Munich


2004-2009 studies art pedagogics, art history and byzantine art history in Munich


2010-2015 studies arts (painting) in Munich (Akademie der Bildenden Künste) in the studio of Jean-Marc Bustamante


2014 nominated "Meisterschülerin"


lives and works in Munich







exhibitions (participation)


2011-2014 annual group exhibition at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich
2013 nominated for the Karl & Faber art award with group exhibition, Munich
2014 The Open Door, group exhibition, Ateliergemeinschaft Hansastr. 31, Munich

2014 Ars Dilettanti 2, group exhibition, Grottenau, Augsburg
2015 Diplomausstellung at the AdBK, Munich

2016 Wir säen das anders, group exhibition, Lettrétage, Berlin

2016 nominated for the Eberhard-Dietzsch-Kunstpreis for Painting, Gera/Jena/Rudolstadt

2016 Les Miniatures curated by CODEX, group exhibition, Galerie Nicole Gnesa, Munich

2017 Artist in Residence at Studio Penzo+Fiore, Murano, Italy

2017 Finir en beauté, group exhibition, Galerie der Künstler, BBK München und Oberbayern e.V.

2018 transformart, group show, Transformatorenwerke Oberschöneweide, Berlin

2018 Gate Island - Glass Reflections, group show, Made In Art Gallery, Venezia

2018 Wo sind die Affen?, exhibition with Michele Melillo, Bergschmiede, Munich

2018 en bloc, group exhibition curated by CODEX, Berlin

2019 WE&ME&WE, exhibition with Andreea Faciu, SP CE Alte Akademie, Munich

2019 en bloc, group exhibition curated by CODEX, Galerie Nicole Gnesa, Munich

         with further shows in Potsdam and Berlin

2019 Artist in Residence at the Kunstarkaden Kempten with final exhibition

2020 Transplantation, group show, Grünes Haus Kunstarkaden Kempten, in exchange with

          Produzentengalerie Kunstmix Bremen

2021 Bayerisches Atelierförderprogramm 2021/22

2021 nominated for the 28. Aichacher Kunstpreis (art award) with exhibition, SanDepot Aichach

2022 Conundrum, solo-show, Galerie Orange, Tegernsee

2023 Durch und Durch, group-exhibition, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin
2024 Grenzverschiebung - Jahresausstellung des Kunstvereins Ebersberg e.V., Galerie Alte Brennerei, Ebersberg
2024 Lupfurdum, group exhibition, Ars Avanti e.V., Alte Handelsschule Leipzig